The Jive Longboard, is a sleek lined trimming machine. Its 2+1 fin set up gives you lots of drive, while its slightly rolled Vee bottom thru the back half keeps those turns really smooth thru rail to rail transitions, its flatter midsection rocker gives you plenty of trimming speed and the slight nose rocker makes for easy nose riding!

OUTLINE: This sleek outline has a slightly pulled in tail for drive and acceleration in turns and its subtle pulled in nose helps with tighter arching turns without catching in those steeper sections of the wave.

ROCKER: With emphasis on being an allrounder the Jive has a medium rocker with a flat panel thru the mid section which makes this board paddle with ease and flows thru those dead sections with minimal effort.  A slight lift in the nose makes those late take offs easier and also helps with lift while nose riding, while the slight lift in the tail makes for nice drive and tight arc thru your turns.

CONTOURS: Subtle yet effective, the slight concave in the nose creates lift while hanging those toes over.  Its flatter midsection creates speed and trim and the slightly rolled vee thru the back half makes for ease of rail to rail transitions.

PERFORMANCE Allrounder it is: paddles amazing, trims with a bunch of speed and will turn wherever you want it to go.  From flat to double overhead this is one of the funnest boards you can have in your quiver!

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9'1'' 22 5/8'' 2 3/4'' 62 ltr 7" Custom CA Fins 90kg / 198lb or less
9'6'' 23'' 3'' 71.1 ltr 7" Custom CA Fins 90kg / 198lb +


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