The Cannon model is Haydenshapes signature single fin design, rising to prominence through it stellar performance at Teahupoo in Craig Andersons film ‘Slow Dance,’ released in 2013. With a touch more nose lift than a traditional 70’s single fin, the Cannon adapts to more of a modern surfing style which allows it to ride with a more ease.

The Cannon still maintains some of the traditional features such as a beak nose, and more foam positioned in the front half of the board. 

To help enable the rail line to maintain connection with such high volume, a deep double concave has been positioned on the deck of the board near the back foot. This allows two things with the shape. 1. The rail line is low with minimal volume, which gives connection and bite to the back end rail line; 2. It creates a comfortable arch under your back foot that enables you to push against through bottom turns or cutbacks allowing better leverage from your back foot against the 7-8" single fin.

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