The Shred Sled King is a step up to the Hypto Krypto model. It is the type of step up board that maintains plenty of volume and area under the chest for great paddle and stability, yet it has a forward style of outline designed to give maximum hold in larger waves.

With this model being ridden smaller than the traditional step up board, it fits into the pocket and is more comfortable to turn in the tighter areas of the wave. This makes the transition from your Hypto Krypto much easier to handle on those days you finally get to ride a step up.

The Shred Sled King is typically ridden 2" longer than your Hypto Krypto or slightly longer the bigger the waves. Hayden prefers to design this model as a Five fin and a PLUS or STANDARD PLUS lamination upgrade for customers looking to bring added strength and stiffness to their boards for upcoming surf trips or the winter season.

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