MONSTA BOX is two JS boards rolled into one! 

By fusing the 2 best selling boards in the range together JS have created a board that suits an even wider range of surfers and conditions.

The MONSTA BOX has less rocker then a MONSTA 3 and more rocker than a BLAK BOX 2. The outline is wider than a MONSTA 3 and narrower than a BLAK BOX 2. I've blended the MONSTA 3 and BLAK BOX 2 rockers to create a perfect combination of entry and exit rockers and given it a single to double concave.
MONSTA BOX comes standard with a 3-fin set-up. Whether you’re travelling light or the budgets a little tight, MONSTA BOX has you covered. If you could only take 1 board to the beach then the MONSTA BOX is it!

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