The Modern Black Hawk is a big guy surfboard that’ll let you capitalise on every opportunity in conditions ranging from 2 to 10 feet.

OUTLINE: Traditional gun shape with a touch more area through the nose to increase paddle power. The narrow pintail helps with control in bigger conditions and also encourages a longer, drawn out turn.

CONTOURS: Subtle vee through the nose helps transition from the drop into a bottom turn, and the single-to-double concave keeps the tail responsive with enough control to make confident open face turns.

ROCKER: Relaxed through the centre, which makes this board glide exceptionally well. Slight flip in the nose helps when taking steep drops, and the smooth tail lift encourages long sweeping turns.

FOIL: Additional volume under the chest extends out to a full rail providing extra stability for heavier surfers. The thickness tapers in the tail providing a more sensitive feel and added control when driving off your back foot.

AESTHETIC: The traditional resin tints, rail laps, and gloss finish not only look striking but also guarantees that each board has its own unique appearance.

This versatile, high volume thruster is a great option for the more established surfer who wants to mix it up on bigger waves.

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