The Modern Retro longboard puts a contemporary twist on a traditional old school design, made popular back in the late 60’s when hanging toes was the in-vogue move.

This board is all about glide a flow, with the primary purpose of allowing the rider to walk the board with ease and maximizing nose riding time. For this reason the Retro is long, wide and incredibly stable.

Tipping a hat to the true design features of the era, the board has a moderately flat entry rocker, super wide tail, and forgiving 60/40 rails; all of which are geared to provide bite in the pocket when the rider shifts their weight forward.

A long, single concave under the nose provides lift, while vee through the belly combined with rolled tail rocker, offers the freedom to make smooth directional changes before setting a rail.

The Retro comes fitted with a single fin box and oversize fin, a high gloss finish, and a striking cut-lap resin tint that gives each board a unique appearance.

If you’re in the market for a traditional PU nose rider that will have you trimming down the line with style then the Modern Retro is the obvious choice.

9'1, 9'6, 10'0

From $995

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