The Molokai Kaholo is an oversized, ultra-buoyant iSUP that’s built for multi-person water fun. At 15 feet and super wide, this SUP will comfortably hold multiple paddlers on flat water and in the surf. This is essentially a mobile mini party pontoon that can be paddled anywhere and used as a fishing platform or jumping dock.

This go-anywhere inflatable SUP package that’s perfect for travelling paddlers, campers, families and ocean lovers with minimal storage space. With this iSUP, you get the thrills of stand up paddling, without the inconvenience of transporting a large board.

The board, paddle, pump and accessories fit neatly into a single backpack that you can trek with or transport to any location in the boot of your car. Setting up the board once you’ve reached your destination is super easy. Simply unroll and lay the board flat, connect the hose to the valve, and you’re ready to start pumping. It takes only a few minutes to inflate the board in preparation for paddling.

Once inflated the board will be rigid and stable enough to suit all skill levels. To connect the fin, first slide the screw plate into the fin box, followed by the fin. Insert and line up the screw and plate and then tighten to lock the fin in place. The paddle clicks together and can be easily adjusted to suit your height, and you’re ready to hit the water.

To deflate the board simply push and rotate the valve button to lock it into the deflate position.


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