Molokai Kaimana 10'6"

The Molokai Kaimana is a dual-purpose SUP that’s geared for dynamic wave riding, but will still feel comfortable for short distance flat water strike missions. At first glance it’s easy to notice the technical design features that enhances the boards overall performance.

The outline is conducive to wave riding with a slightly pointier nose and double flyer that leads to a narrow round tail. The refined nose and tail allows for steeper drops, tighter turns and greater speeds due to less drag and surface area friction.

The deep channels out the back means you can jam a powerful turn with perfect control and bite on the wave face, and the medium/low rails are also tuned for better turning sensitivity. It’s worth noting the extra width across the middle maintains adequate stability and provides a large steady platform to work from.

If you’re looking for a performance driven cross- training SUP that’ll unlock your ability in the waves, while still offering cruise time on flatter water, then look no further than the Molokai Kaimana.

Features include the ergonomic carry handle, forward & aft storage zones and a cushioned ¾ deck traction which further add to this SUP’s broad appeal.


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