Molokai Kaku 10'6"

The Molokai Kaku is a perfect SUP for paddlers of all ages, skills and sizes, and should be considered a great option for families and anyone looking to enter into the sport of paddle boarding. 

The key feature of the Kaku is an abundance of stability and floatation resulting from the wide outline, extra thickness and the fuller rail profile. First time paddles will feel very confident standing on this SUP, and should have no issues paddling on flat water within a few minutes. 

Primarily designed for exploring on flat water, lakes and waterways, the progressing paddler can also transition to the ocean, and with so much glide the Kaku will pick up even the smallest of waves and swells with minimal effort.

Features include a carry handle, forward storage zone, ¾ deck traction and a 2+1 fin setup.



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