Molokai Malolo 10'0"

The Molokai Malolo is considered one of the most stable, easy riding SUP’s on the market. This is a direct result of the wide, rounded nose and fuller outline through the middle. 

With a thicker rail and ample buoyancy, the Malolo is suited to paddlers of all ages, shapes and sizes, and requires very little effort to get it gliding along on flat water. This makes it ideal for exploring lakes, harbours and tranquil river inlets.

For paddlers venturing into the surf, the extra surface area up front allows you to shift your weight forward and catch waves easily, and also stealing some hangtime on the nose. The tail section has been tapered compared to other SUP’s in this class to improve manoeuvrability and turning performance when surfing.

If you’re looking for a super stable all-purpose utility SUP that will go from flat water to the surf without missing a beat, the Molokai Malolo is a winner.

Features include the ergonomic carry handle, forward & aft storage zones and a cushioned ¾ deck traction which further add to this SUP’s broad appeal.


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