FORGET ME NOT squash tail played a major role in Parko’s 2012 world title victory, being his first choice when the waves were pumping. Although this model was released in 2009, It's forever evolving and improving it based on testing and team rider feedback. FORGET ME NOT squash re-invented itself during 2014 with traktor team riders choosing to ride it in WCT events from Snapper to Hawaii.

Minor adjustments have been made this year by adding more volume through the centre of the board but still keeping the lower more refined rails to penetrate and turn at high speeds. Also added is slightly more area to the super clean outline while leaving the tail tight with no hip for a continuous smooth curve. The rocker has slightly more lift at the nose and tail to fit into the curve that good waves offer. A subtle single to double concave means the board will harness all the waves power and give you maxi­mum control.

FORGET ME NOT squash is the pinnacle JS performance models and is unrivaled when used in good waves.


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