"AN ALL NEW, UPDATED TWIST TO OUR ALL-TIME BEST SELLING AUSTRALIAN HIGH PERFORMANCE SHORT BOARD"-MATT BIOLOS After "retiring" Taj spent the last couple of years free from the constraints of judged contest surfing. A free mind is a creative mind and Taj took this time to expand his mind and experiment with developing new ideas for his trademark brand of performance surfing. The result is this. The Beach Buggy-2. An all new updated twist to our all time best selling Australian HP-Shortboard.The Beach Buggy-2 features updated curves in nearly all aspects of the design: -Relaxed central rocker, with forgiving catch free nose lift. -A wider nose and tail block -Refined single and double concaves -Fuller, more forgiving rails,with a defined thin and boxy tail -Re-envisioned thickness flow, with added thickness up front. -Taj's signature (generous) tail rocker and exaggerated hip squash remain. Ease of speed with tack sharp reactive turning is what Taj and the Beach Buggy-2 is all about. Key Points: -All rounder -Fast, precise and drivey -Suited to all surfers

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